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Over 99% of all new prescriptions are written the old-fashioned way – by paper and a pen. This paper-driven process is riddled with error and inefficiency – the ubiquitous adoption of electronic prescribing is estimated to save over $65 Billion per year!

Prematics built an inter-disciplinary team to drive the mass adoption of electronic prescribing. The team is comprised of industry leaders representing the key stakeholders in the prescription process, including physicians, payors, pharmacy benefits managers, and retail pharmacies. The team also includes domain experts in data infrastructure, networking, wireless, security, consumer electronics, and software design.

The result is ScriptToneSM, the nation’s first easy-to-use, fully managed electronic prescribing service designed to meet the needs of the mainstream physician.

Prematics delivers ScriptToneSM over the Company’s proprietary end-to-end network. This reliable and highly secure service empowers physicians at the point-of-care to prescribe the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective prescription. ScriptToneSM benefits all of the key industry stakeholders by driving patient safety, lowering costs, and streamlining fulfillment.


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